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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Mark Lindsay was the lead singer and saxophone player for a 1960's band called Paul Revere and The Raiders, is a native Oregonian born in Eugene Oregon in 1942. He now owns a restaurant called Mark Lindsay's Rock and Roll Cafe in Portland Oregon. The above picture of Mark Lindsay was taken March 15, 2008. Blog updated May 25th: As of May 2008 Mark Lindsay's Rock and Roll Cafe is closed, the radio station K-Hits 106.7 is still on the air.

Mark began performing at the age of fifteen with local bands that played local venues. He was tapped to sing in a band called Freddy Chapman and the Idaho Playboys after he won a local talent contest. After Chapman left the area, Lindsay saw the other band members and a new member,
Paul Revere, playing at a local I.O.O.F. Hall. He persuaded the current band to allow him to sing a few songs with them. The next day he was working at his regular job at a bakery when Paul Revere came in to buy supplies for a hamburger restaurant that he owned. This chance meeting began their professional relationship.
Mark and the group caught the attention of Dick Clark, who was creating an afternoon show for the teen market. Clark hired the group to perform on the show, which was called Where the Action Is. As regulars on the show, the group soon became very successful. Mark Lindsay's lanky stature and good looks, as well as his excellent singing voice, quickly gained him immense popularity; he became one of the premier American teen idols of the 1960's.

If you are in the Portland area you will need to visit Mark Lindsay's Rock Roll Cafe, this is Portland's first and only celebrity restaurant. It's similar to a Hard Rock Cafe where you can relax amongst classic guitars and rock and roll memorabilia while listening to K-Hits 106.7 broadcast live from the radio studio that is located in the corner of the restaurant. On Saturday nights you may see Mark Lindsey as a DJ working in the radio studio or mingling with the people in the restaurant and bar.
Mark Lindsay's Web Site:
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